XML File-based OAI Data Provider


This is a data provider module that operates over a set of XML files which contain the metadata. The requirements are meant to require a minimal effort while retaining all the flexibility of the OAI protocol.
 - OAI v1.1 protocol support
 - clean separation between engine, configuration and data
 - FastCGI support (www.fastcgi.com)
 - hierarchical sets mapped from directory structure
 - multiple metadata formats generated on the fly
 - harvesting by date based on the file modification dates
 - uses standard OAI protocol module (same as CSTC, NDLTD, etc.)


  1. extract all files into a directory from which the scripts can be executed using either FastCGI or CGI.
  2. edit all the configuration files in the "config" directory
    1. define the archive name in "archiveid"
    2. define the metadata formats in "metadata.pl"
    3. define the response to Identify in "identity.pl"
    4. create stylesheets if necessary to map from one format to another
  3. to use XSL transformations to generate DC records as in the sample collection, you will need an XSL transformation engine. the sample configuration is set up to use libxslt (http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/)
  4. copy your XML files into the "data" directory using directories if necessary to create sets
  5. test your archive using the Repository Explorer at
    with either a URL that ends in
    depending on whether you are using CGI or FastCGI



Contact hussein@vt.edu if you have any queries.

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Last updated: 16 October 2001