OAI2 to RSS Transformation(works with VT ETD-db Extension)


# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# OAI2RSS - provide a oai to rss gateway
# v0.81
# Jan 5 2005
# ------------------+--------------------+-----------------------------
# Ming Luo | lming@vt.edu |
# ------------------+--------------------+-+---------------------------
# Department of Computer Science | www.cs.vt.edu
# Digital Library Research Laboratory | dlrl.cc.vt.edu
# -----------------------------------------+-------------+-------------
# Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University | www.vt.edu
# -------------------------------------------------------+-------------

Act as a gateway of oai to rss, input is oai url, output rss format response.
Because xslt file is sensitive to namespace,
this xslt file is specific to etdoai2 module, for other oai 2 data providers,
xslt file needs modification.

-- Perl with module
-- Ability to run CGI scripts

1. untar the files and put into a directory that can run Perl cgi script,
2. edit url in etdrss.pl file
3. edit xslt file if needed
4. access etdrss.pl file from your webbrower.

for other OAI providers, this program can be reused with approciate
changes to xslt file

without parameter it will return new etds 7 days back,

to get records back in 9 days

Note: there is a limit of 100 records because of the resumption token issue

File layout
etdrss.pl caller of OAI2RSS.pm, CGI access point
OAI2RSS.pm provide function, getRecordFromOai(), oai2rss()
README this file
EZCGI.pm from Hussein Suleman, provide cgi support
XSLT.pm from Hussein Suleman, provide functions for xslt transformation
empty.rss txt file of an empty rss response
LICENCE licence information


This software is part of the larger project to build
Digital Libraries based on the work of the Open Archives Initiative.
See http://oai.dlib.vt.edu/odl and http://www.openarchive.org for
more information. EZCGI.pm and XSLT.pm are authored by Hussein Suleman, hussein@cs.uct.ac.za



Tested on:
  • Redhat 9


Contact lming@vt.edu if you have any queries.

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Last updated: 15 Jan 2005