ETD-db OAI Extensions


This is a server extension that allows a member of NDLTD using the ETD-db software produced at Virginia Tech to become an OAI Data Provider with a minimum of effort.


  1. Choose which server to install the software on. If you install it on the same server as the ETD-db software, it will both be easier to install and will be in the standard location used by future ETD-db versions (which will have these scripts for OAI support built-in).
    • If you are installing on the same server as ETD-db
      • Download and ungzip the software to a directory within your ETD-db installation, typically ETD-db/cgi-bin/NDLTD-OAI.
      • Configure your web server to execute scripts from that directory. This is usually done with a line such as the following in Apache's http.conf file.
        ScriptAlias /ETD-db/NDLTD-OAI/ /export/ETD-db/cgi-bin/NDLTD-OAI/
    • If you are installing on a different server
      • Download and ungzip the software to a directory where it can be executed as a CGI script by a web server.
  2. Read the README and INSTALL files and follow the instructions therein.



Should work anywhere where ETD-db works. OAI-1, Tested on:
  • Linux 2.2.14, Perl 5.6.0, suexec
  • Linux 2.4.2, Perl 5.6.0, cgiwrap
  • AIX 4, Perl 5.005_03, no wrapper


Contact if you have any queries.

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Last updated: 23 September 2001