PERL Implementations


This software is an attempt to create a simple implementation of the Open Archives Metadata Harvesting Protocol used by the Open Archives initiative.

The software has the following advantages:

  • small piece of actual code - there is a single-script version
  • does not couple tightly with the web server
  • no need for special features of the Apache web server
  • no need for any PERL modules except what is required to access the database
  • faster execution time


  1. Make sure to first read over the relevant documentation on the Open Archives Initiative website.
  2. Download, copy and ungzip the template files to a directory where it can be executed as a CGI script by the web server (You might want to start with one of the other sample scripts if you use an SQL database).
  3. Read the README
  4. Edit the files and create new packages to configure what is returned by each OAI request. (Look at the sample scripts provided).
  5. Test your OAI data interface with the Repository Explorer



Contact if you have any queries.

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Last updated: 15 April 2002