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Computer Science Teaching Center

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The Computer Science Teaching Center is a digital library of peer-reviewed teaching resources for computer science educators. Teachers can go to the CSTC and submit resources that they use in their classrooms. Once the material has been submitted, an editor assigns reviewers to review it. Once the reviewers have completed their reviews, a decision is made whether or not to include the material as an official resource.

Other teachers can then go to the CSTC to find resources that they could use in their classrooms. You can browse and search through the official material in a number of ways, including by author, by date, by subject category, etc.

A new ACM journal is also being spawned off from the CSTC. The ACM Journal of Educational Resources In Computing (JERIC) will be tightly coupled with the CSTC. All articles in the journal will be taken from resources submitted to the CSTC. The actual logistics of this are still to be determined.

The system is implemented on a UNIX system. All of the CGI scripts are written in Perl. The CSTC also uses an mSQL database to store all of the metadata.

The OAI implementation has already been completed. The CSTC only needs to be modified as the standards change.

For a demonstration of the interface, click here.

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