Envision Digital Library Project (1991-95)

The Envision Digital Library was a prototype digital library of computer science literature developed at Virginia Tech under a cooperative agreement with ACM and NSF Grant IRI-9116991.

Approximately 200,000 documents, mostly from ACM publications, were converted to SGML and loaded into the MARIAN DL search system. The greater part of the documents consisted only of metadata, often with abstracts, but some full-text and some multimedia documents were included.

The most innovative part of the project was the Envision visualization interface.

This user-controlled system facilitates examining very large data sets, displaying multiple aspects of the data simultaneously and efficiently, and interactive discovery of patterns in the data.


The Envision digital library of computer science literature

(All images PDF.)
Three-window suite (full-screen dump) showing search results for a two-part query. The same results displayed by author and date, with document type represented as shape. Visualizing growth in the literature over time.
This diagonal display shows documents clustered by relevance (similarity to query). Visualizing distribution of relevant documents by subject. Results sorted by document type and displayed with "cream rising to the top."

Use of Envision in a general-purpose digital library

Graphic View presentations of academic library data in MARC format from the Virginia Tech Newman Library (all images PDF):
Top 15 search results for [Title:gone with the wind] Search results for [Author:mahler Title:symphony]

Ongoing Work

CS5604 Envision Java Project Notes (HTML Version)

Current work. (Requires password.)


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