MARIAN Digital Library Information System

MARIAN is an indexing, search, and retrieval system optimized for digital libraries. It was developed at the Virginia Tech Computing Center for VT Information Systems, with development continuing at the DLRL.

Running Systems

MARIAN / VT Library. MARIAN v.1.5 running as an online public access catalog system for the VT Library collection. Not currently available.(Version with new Java MARIAN will be available soon).
MARIAN / Experimental.NDLTD Union Archive Java MARIAN v.2.3 running on the NDLTD Union Archive. EXPERIMENTAL
Java MARIAN v.2.3 running on a collection of health organization information.

Ongoing Work

Current work.
Code for Marian OAI data provider



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Web Publications

France, Robert K., Lucy Terry Nowell, Edward A. Fox, Rani A. Saad and Jianxin Zhao. "Use and usability in a digital library search system." Paper submitted to Digital Libraries 99. (PDF version) (HTML version)

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Internal Documents

France, Robert K., Ben E. Cline and Edward A. Fox. "MARIAN Detailed Design." Unpublished technical document, Virginia Tech Computing Center. v. 1.4, 1992. (PDF Version)

France, Robert K. "Information Interactions: User Interface Objects for CODER, INCARD, and MARIAN." Unpublished technical document, Virginia Tech Computing Center. v. 2.5, August 1992. (PDF Version)

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